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Intense. Heart wrenching. Loved it.

Where You Are - J.H. Trumble

I borrowed this book from the library and waited until my time was almost up to sit down and read it. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. I wish I had read this sooner, it's that good, but I haven't had the time to just sit and read in weeks. This is one of those books I devoured from start to finish. I couldn't stop reading.


Robert is a senior in high school and Andrew is his calculus teacher. I'm torn over the subject. Andrew struggles with the fact he is the teacher and he should be the responsible adult. I struggle because I want Andrew and Robert to get their HEA. Intellectually, the relationship is wrong; in my heart, there couldn't be two people more suited to each other. They are a beautiful couple.


I felt everything the characters felt. I got mad at Robert's interfering aunts. I cringed when Andrew went on dates with Jen. I cried when Robert couldn't. I cried when Robert did. This is such an emotional roller coaster, I feel wrung out. My heart pounded every time Robert and Andrew spent time together (I just knew someone would find out and ruin their chance at happiness).

Then Andrew loses his phone. I kept waiting for the axe to fall. Who has it? Was there anything on it that would expose Andrew and Robert? Worse. It's much worse. Andrew is set up by one of his students. Accused of sending sexually explicit texts and soliciting a minor. Robert fixes the false charges with help from his friends, but that causes him to admit to his relationship with Andrew. Andrew may be out of the worst of the charges, but he still has to face the fact he had a relationship with a minor. That one can't be avoided because it's true.

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The HEA was in doubt all the way to the last 2 pages. That's just rude! ;) Technically, it's not even an HEA, more of a possibility than a promise. Still, a wonderful read. Highly recommend!