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Crow and Firefly - Sam C. Leonhard

It looks like I've added the book to this post, so I'll put in my little review. I wonder if it will automatically add to my books.


3.5 stars? I dunno - I really enjoyed reading this short story. I'm bumping it up to 4 stars. Although, I really like the half stars and wanted to use that new toy. Next time!


A fun read, even though Ari didn't want to make it easy. Ari, a shape shifter, shares the story of how he finds his husband. Well, really his husband picks him and Ari fights it. The author has created her own fantasy world and it's very different. I like the twist on shape shifters. I also like the secondary characters: Ari's sister, the priestess, even Claire (she owns the bar where Ari meets Dagur). Dagur the Cruel is an interesting MC as well.


I can easily recommend this short story. The author may even write a sequel so we can see more of these two.