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Noah - Ben Ryder I love hockey. I love m/m romance. Put the two together and I’m psyched! Add a good plot to the mix and I’m in heaven. Ben Ryder has delivered a hat trick with Noah. This story is told from Callum’s POV, in an interesting mix of flashbacks. The book opens with Callum slightly stressed about something. We don’t know what, but it’s important and he’s trying to waste time. As he goes through this one day in London we get flashbacks to his time in Toronto. I liked the way this flows. It seems natural that he would remember meeting and getting to know Noah. I love Callum and Noah! They are both so fun and engaging.

For what it’s worth, this story doesn’t delve into the game of hockey all that much, so if you’re not familiar with it, you shouldn’t feel lost at any point.

I hope we get to see Noah and Callum again. They have captured a piece of my heart and I don’t want to lose touch.