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Halloween Hunk (Halloween Treats)

Halloween Hunk (Halloween Treats) - Mercedes Black This is a short story, which can work with the right plot. This is insta love and difficult to read. Just because I found the over the top mush unappealing, doesn't mean it others won't like it. The main characters meet because they're neighbors. Don is the new neighbor, Marcos has lived there for years. Marcos The sentence structure confused me at times, which could just be my grammar snob coming out.

If you're looking for light reading, that is contemporary (not paranormal or fantasy), but not real, you won't be disappointed.

The ebook includes a preview to Haunted Hearts by Maverick Hawkeye. The grammar snob part of me cried through the couple pages of text. I hope this was just a rough draft, because the typos are horrendous: 'eues' instead of 'eyes' for example, even spell check will catch that. The plot has potential. It's a paranormal/fantasy story about a young man who can speak with, and see in some cases see, ghosts. He's going to help a recently deceased man save his best friend.