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Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson This book rocks! We have angst and romance. What more can a girl ask for?

Danny captured my heart in the first scene. I love his attitude and confidence. He’s real. Lance grows on you. This is a jock in closet book. It’s obvious Danny, the theater major, is the out and proud temptation to Lance’s Michigan Wolverine star football player. Lance doesn’t fight his attraction to Danny, nor does he deny it to Danny. Lance just doesn’t want anyone else to know. Since UM is a football school, I can’t imagine an NFL bound player would be able to hide what he’s doing. Well, the rumors started and Lance pulled back a little, at least in public it looked like they weren’t a couple. Danny’s very understanding. I guess it’s possible. Danny’s logic does make sense: Lance wants to play in the NFL, and there are no OUT gay NFL players. Lance doesn’t have a plan b if he doesn’t make it in the NFL. So, I can see Danny not wanting to ruin Lance’s only career plan. That would only lead to resentment and further (maybe even irreparable) heartbreak.

This story is told from Danny’s POV, and he’s a great storyteller. I enjoyed every moment I spent with Danny. Highly recommend this book!