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Timing - Mary Calmes The book description is actually accurate, which is not always the case. The story is told in first person view by Stefan. Stef’s mind wanders a lot while he’s telling the story. It seems so real. He’d be in the middle of a conversation, for example with his boss about work, and he would just run off on a tangent in his mind. In some ways, he’s such a ditz. Stef is in Texas to be the Man of Honor (instead of Maid of Honor) at his best friend’s wedding. Now there’s a good character. Charlotte may not have been a bridezilla, but she had her moments of pure freak out. Those were well written scenes. Stef’s love interest is Char’s brother, Rand. I love that Rand makes the first move. Stef has difficulty believing Rand is for real, and it’s understandable. Stef thought they hated each other. Rand is serious, and it’s fun watching (reading?) Stef finally get it.
There is a little mystery with Stef’s work and his boss, who goes off the grid unexpectedly. There’s a murder and some danger to Stef, which causes Rand to freak out a bit. The mystery and danger are really secondary to the story, almost an afterthought and possibly not necessary. However, I’m not one to argue with more pages to read.
Overall, the book is typical Mary Calmes, romantic and sweet, with a bit of hot sweaty sex. If you like a contemporary story that is more romance than pure smut, you’ll like this book. I truly loved it and give it 4+ stars.