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Signed and Sealed - B.A. Stretke This is the first book I ever deliberately read a second time. I originally rated this book as a 4, but when I read it the second time I just loved it. The main characters, Will and Eli, are well developed, interesting and likable.

The story opens with Eli calling Will about Will's sister. Will's sister, Katrina, is not our hero's favorite person. In fact, he's been cleaning up after her for years. Eli thinks Will is in on Katrina's grand plan to trap Eli's brother in marriage. Through some fancy maneuvering, Will ends up at Eli's ranch. Eli doesn't trust Will, and Will doesn't want to be there, but Will agrees to stay as "collateral." This part of the story is fanciful, to say the least, but it's okay because I love the guys. I love the way the MCs interact. They're alternating sweet, annoying, adorable, and occasionally stupid. Just like people.

There's no mystery, no danger, just life angst. A love story worth reading again and again.