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A Better Man - Jaime Reese, R.J. Scott Very sweet love story. No mysteries to solve or dramatic challenges to overcome. Just two guys falling in love and building a life together. Matt is a recent parolee who is creating a halfway house for other ex-cons to have a place on the outside. He buys a building that needs A LOT of work and puts an ad in the local paper – for a handy man. He really needs a miracle worker, but a contractor would do, too. Julian is an unemployed contractor, who is behind on his rent and desperate for work. Julian answers Matt’s ad and gets the job by default (no one else would even come in the building). This story takes place over the year that Matt has set to get his house ready for guests. There is a little angst, if you count typical relationship mistakes. Also, Matt’s mom is a piece of work, but really just background noise.

I really enjoyed reading this and would have read straight through if I hadn’t fallen asleep. I love the easy style – it didn’t seem like 200 pages, let alone 290 pages. I hope the authors make this a series, as implied in the subtitle “The Men of Halfway House,” because there isn’t an overabundance of sweet stories that are enjoyable to read.