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Isaiah - Bailey Bradford This is the fourth book in the series. I struggled to finish this one, it just didn’t appeal. Isiah and Bae are okay. The mystery (all the books in the series have a small mystery to solve) is a little different. Someone is trying to kidnap Bae and there aren’t any real clues to why. That’s the first issue I had. There is absolutely no way I can solve the mystery myself. I like a few clues to keep that part of the story interesting. The only clue is that the two shifters trying to kidnap Bae have a really foul stench, almost like they are decaying. So, the answers are given rather than discovered. The second problem isn’t so much a problem as it just didn’t appeal. There is a lot of sex in this book. It isn’t much beyond PWP, but it does have a plot. I should have picked a story with more story for this week.

So far I’ve liked the second one, Oscar, the best. I still like the series and will read the next one.