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Faith & Fidelity - Tere Michaels 6 stars

Yes, I know there are only 5 stars in the real ratings, but this book is more than a 5 star read. It’s so good, I bought the next three books in the series as soon as I finished this one. This romance novel starts out with a real down moment, the death of Evan’s wife. Matt and Evan meet about 10 months later and become friends. This then becomes the ultimate Gay For You, as both men thought they were straight, but fall in love. The book takes you through them figuring out they’re in love, circumstances and paranoia causing the men to do stupid stuff, then the HEA. Yay, because after I cried for 50 pages or so (maybe less, but it tore my heart out) I was expecting an HEA. The book is very well written. I felt every bit of the love and happiness between the MCs. I also felt every stab of pain both men dealt with. It was fabulous.