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To The Highest Bidder

To The Highest Bidder - Jordan Brewer This is an amazing book! Actually, it's more than one book. [a:Jordan Brewer|4627922|Jordan Brewer|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1367630408p2/4627922.jpg] gave us an intricate story with many plot threads. I was catapulted into Ms. Brewer’s world. I was there, listening to private conversations, watching events unfold, silently cheering for Jonathan and Adrian. Sometimes, not so silently since I’d laugh or groan out loud at what was happening.

In some ways this book feels like two stories because when the first conflict is resolved, there's still 48% of the book to go.

I read the first half in one sitting and would have kept reading if I didn't have to go to work. The first conflict is the most difficult, our MCs have to fight to be together and it gets ugly. Jonathan is tortured. If you have problems with that, skim it like I did. I get very squicked out by torture and pain. I will say that it is important to the story. Very important. I felt like I had been in a marathon by the time I was through this first half of the story. The emotions this writing brought out of me were so real.

The second half had to wait until I could devote a few hours. This is that kind of story. You can't put it down. I really missed it the time it took to get back into it. The second conflict is less traumatic, but still some edge of your seat suspense. This section develops the relationship. How these two men become a couple and real partners. There is sadness and joy, and quite a bit of angst. I will tell you there is an HEA. All of Ms. Brewer's books have an HEA, but the men have to work for it and so does the reader.