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The Tin Star - J.L. Langley If I were rating this on the fluff scale, I would give it 4 fluffy stars.

I really enjoyed reading the book, but there is no denying it’s pure fluff. There’s some angst, well, kind of, for a couple pages. The MCs, Ethan and Jamie, have known each other since Jamie was a baby. Ethan is 11 years older than Jamie. There are no doubts that both men are gay, so we don’t have that type of story. No, the main conflict is Jamie’s father and how much said father hates Jamie. That part of the story is actually sad. There is a mystery – who wants the gay cowboys run out of town? Well, enough to shoot at them and try to kill them. Finally, there is A LOT of hot smutty sex. Actually, the main story line is sex. Some of the sex scenes went on for several pages.

So, the “story” is there for filler between sex scenes. Everything seems to happen too easily for the men. There’s no tension, no doubt the bad guy(s) will be caught. There are a couple confrontations, but they’re described and over in less than 5 paragraphs. In the end, everything is wrapped up in less than 10 pages. The thing is, this book is easy to read and doesn’t make you think too hard. So what if it’s disgustingly sweet and might even cause weight gain?