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Frankie's Vamp - Toni Griffin What a sweet, easy read! I really enjoyed this story and read it without stopping. Frankie is dancing his heart out at Hot Encounters, the club owned by Merrick. Merrick is a 500 year old vampire coven leader. Merrick and Frankie feel the mutual attraction, but Frankie isn’t comfortable with a new relationship. He just dumped his jerk of a boyfriend (his 9th bad choice), and Frankie isn’t real confident he can attract a good man. Merrick finally gets Frankie to agree to dinner and tells Frankie during that they’re mates. So, the majority of the story is the developing relationship between Merrick and Frankie.

There is a little drama with Frankie’s ex, which ends up making Frankie the damsel in distress Merrick has to rescue. I get that Frankie isn’t super strong, but after all his protesting to Merrick that he can take care of himself, it would have been nice if he could have “rescued” himself. This is a nice bit of fluff, which according to Toni Griffin’s website is the beginning of a series.