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Nine-Tenths of the Law - L.A. Witt This is really a 3.5 for me, but the ending was good, so I'm feeling generous.

It took me 80 pages to get into the story. I'm not sure what my disconnect was, but I just didn't care. It could be because the first half of the story was sex scenes. The thing is, the scenes weren't gratuitous, they really did advance the story they way the author intended. The MCs were two men who met because they were dating the same jerk wad and didn't know it. Well, Nathan figured it out and confronted Zach and then they both knew. The two wronged men have wild and crazy revenge sex expecting it to be a one time deal. Instead, they both really liked it and got together again and again. Well, the first half of the book is really about two guys who have a fierce attraction and great sex. Then the relationship actually evolves into a relationship. One they both want and are willing to fight for. The sex was smokin' hot, don't get me wrong. I just kept looking at the page numbers and getting concerned that there wouldn't be a story. I guess, I would have liked more than half the book to add to the story. I enjoyed the angst and felt the drama was real. I just wanted more. LOL - don't we all?