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One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn This book rocks! I would have read through the night if I could have. I did not want to put this one down. There are really four main characters in this book, although two of those are probably really secondary characters. The romantic couple, Erik and Rue, ease into their relationship. The book begins with a little background prologue, then story starts six months after the prologue. Erik and Rue are well developed characters with quirks and issues and everything else that real people have. The other two prominent characters are Dustin (Rue’s best friend) and Alice (Rue’s daughter). Erik didn’t have any friends of his own. He suffers from major anxiety issues and just doesn’t like being around people. Alice is the result of a one night drunken misadventure, but Rue wants her, nonetheless. Rue needs a daytime sitter and Erik is his neighbor who works from home. It takes a while for Erik to decide to help, but he does and he works through those challenges admirably. The scenes of Erik freaking out are so well written, I thought I could feel what Erik felt. Over the next few months, Rue and Alice (and Dusty) work their way into Erik’s life and become his family. The romance starts slow, and works its way up to super hot sex.

There is a little drama with Dusty’s boyfriend, which Erik handles. Erik moves out of his comfort zone by interacting with people more and more every day. Rue gets out of his love ‘em and leave ‘em comfort zone, as well. All the characters grow and change throughout the story. It is fabulous. We do get a little angst and conflict, but overall this is a fun romance.

At first I wasn’t sure why this book was on the ‘gay for you’ list because Erik was more asexual than heterosexual. Remember, he didn’t like anyone, so he never found anyone he wanted to date or even felt attracted to. However, Rue is still the only man Erik has ever wanted, which somewhat fits the definition of ‘gay for you.’ I’m going with 5 stars. I loved this book without reservation.