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18% Gray  - Anne Tenino I really enjoyed reading this one. The story starts out hilarious. (I do have an odd sense of humor, so I may be alone in this.) The MCs knew each other long before the start of the story, but hadn’t seen one another in years. The reunion is a tad tense, but funny too. The new world order, gay being allowed in the Blue states but not in Red states fits in with current politics and is easy to follow. The author has fun with this theme and the politics are easy to follow. I loved Matt and James. They are fun to watch and their relationship grows naturally. This doesn’t have the feel of insta-love since the guys knew (and covertly wanted) each other in high school; however, the story covers 2 – 3 weeks so it really is insta-love. That’s ok. As much as I enjoyed the beginning, for some reason in the middle I just put the book down and didn’t read for a day and a half. I don’t think it was boring, but I didn’t feel a burning desire to read and devour the story. Once I picked it back up, though, I finished it.