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Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville Wow. I love this book. Jack is a surgeon who witnesses a homicide. D is a hit man coerced into killing Jack. Obviously, D doesn’t kill Jack. This book is their story. Even though you know they become a couple, that plot thread doesn’t hit you upside the head. Jack and D ease into their relationship. Also, while there are sex scenes, they aren't the focus of the book. Also, many are just alluded to, not actually described. Which works for this story.

One of the best things this author does is humor. I laughed out loud, like when Jack says, “Let’s just pull through a drive-up window or something. I feel like eating something really bad for me. Do they make bacon-covered donuts?" (Especially funny to me since the bakery next to my office has a special donut: bacon maple bourbon glaze – yes, a donut with bourbon and bacon). Later in their on the run stage, Jack is going over all that has happened to him and we get another great giggle: “Jack sighed. I am one incurable illness away from a Lifetime Movie of the Week.”

The plot threads are many, and the twists are well thought out. I even didn’t see one coming, and that doesn’t happen often. I didn’t feel like anything was wrapped up too easily. One more favorite quote I have to share. The marshals arrive to save Jack & D and D thinks “He could have sworn a halo of golden light and a flourish of trumpets accompanied him.” Oh, the epilogue is excellent. So often, authors don’t put too much thought into how the MCs are doing after all the drama and angst. This one is different. I really get a sense of accomplishment. It even leaves a new thread open, just in case the author might want to come back to this couple, at least I think so. The author has a few webstories with these characters, so they're not gone forever, even if she doesn't pick up that loose thread. :)