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A Note in the Margin

A Note in the Margin - Isabelle Rowan I love this book. This is in essence omniscient 3rd person POV, we get into everyone’s head. Now, the alternating POV is a little confusing and will change from one paragraph to the next, but it really helps to know what’s going on. And there is a lot going on. I don’t mind the insta-love in this book. I’m not sure why, though. The story covers one year of John taking on the bookstore as a temporary way station to save his health. He meets David the first day. Thankfully, John’s only employee, Jamie (whose mother owned the store) keeps John from getting rid of David. The heartbreaking part is David’s story. He’s a beautiful man who is so lost in the beginning. John and David both grow in the year this book covers.

The only complaint I have, and it’s a minor complaint, is time. I know the book covers a year, but there are no holidays or other reminders of how much time has passed. It’s probably deliberate and supposed to mean something. I just don’t get it.